Tournament Rules & Regulations

Games will be played at the Las Vegas

01 |  Competition & Awards

Each team plays at least three games.

Each first-place team will receive a trophy.

All players in the top two teams from each category will receive a medal.


02 | Championship Rules
Player Eligibility and Application

Each team roster shall have a maximum of fourteen (14) players.

All applications and rosters must be completely filled out at the time of submission, or they may be rejected.

All players must be registered with U.S. Futsal by the time the application is processed.


03 | Player Ejection

Any player ejected (red card) from a  game shall be barred from participating in the following tournament game in his age (If he is playing in two age groups).

Two cautions will result in the player being barred from participation in the following tournament game in the age he is playing.(If he is playing in two age groups)


04 | Competition Rules

National Competition Regulations