2021 U.S. Futsal National Team “Florida Angels F.C.”

Atlantic City, New Jersey — The 35th U.S. Futsal National Championship concluded Sunday, July 11th after nineteen title matches and over four days of intense and exciting competition. The Biggest, Oldest and most Prestigious Futsal competition in the United States ended with teams from 5 different Regions reaching the finals. “This is great news”, said Alex Para, President of U.S. Futsal, “because it not only shows how much Futsal has come back after nearly two years of COVID -19, but how competitive it has become all across the United States”.  With the growth of Futsal accelerating so rapidly over the last ten years, so has this competition. Brazuca F.C teams from PAE got trophies in 4 categories. The Men’s Open competition was won by Utah Elite F.C from Utah, who played against Sporting Maryland F.C. from Maryland. which had won this division in 2011.  This is the second time in a row that Futsal Elite F.C has won the National Title. In the Women’s Open, category, Sudakos F.C. from Virginia won the women’s title.

The 35th National Championship was postponed from last year because of COVID – 19, so it was played this year during U.S. Futsal 40th Anniversary. All the games in every division over the course of this event were well played and attended by more than 4,000 participants and spectators.

Forty eight referees, from various locations across the country, were invited to participate in this tournament.

U.S. Futsal congratulates all the teams that participated in the 2021 U.S. Futsal National Championship for their hard work, dedication and “fair play” throughout the competition.


AGE GROUP                   FIRST PLACE               SECOND PLACE                       THIRD PLACE

Boys 9 and Under        IN10SITY FUTSAL       SYC SAMBA                             LA CUADRA

Boys 10 and Under      LA CUADRA                SKYLINE FUTSAL                     F.C. FLAIR

Boys 11 and Under      BRAZUCA FC              IN10SITY FUTSAL                    SKYLINE FUTSAL

Boys 12 and Under      BRAZUCA                    F.C. FLAIR                                 ALEXANDRIA F.C.

Boys 13 and Under      Oh EIGHTZ                  BRAZUCA F.C.                         GINGA FC

Boys 14 and Under      ALEXANDRIA F.C.      GINGA F.C.                               D.C. HYPER

Boys 15 and Under      BRAZUCA F.C.            NEFA MALWEE                         ALIANZA

Boys 16 and Under      BRAZUCA F.C.            NEFA MALWEE                         BOSTON ELITE

Boys 17 and Under      BROOKLYN F.C.         ALEXANDRIA F.C.                   THE ACADEMY

Boys 19 and Under      ALEXANDRIA F.C.       NEFA MALWEE                        ALIANZA

OPEN MEN                     UTAH ELITE F.C.          SPORTING MARYLAND         SAFIRA F.C.


Girls 10 and Under      F.C. FLAIR                      TOP TEKKERS                        SJEB FUTSAL

Girls 11 and Under      F.C. FLAIR                      GOLD STAR BARCELONA      SJEB FUTSAL

Girls 12 and Under      DCFA                               ALEXANDRIA F.C.                   SJEB FUTSAL

Girls 13 and Under      F.C.FLAIR                        FLAIR F.C.                                 SJEB FUTSAL

Girls 14 and Under      —                                        —-                                              —

Girls 15 and Under      N.J. FIRE                          F.C. FLAIR                                 SJEB FUTSAL

Girls 16 and Under      FIRE                                  FLAIR                                                 

Girls 17 and Under      —–                                     —–                                            —–

Girls 19 and Under      MIA SAN FUTSAL          CCF                                            SAN FUTSAL

OPEN WOMEN             SUDAKOS F.C.                 CCF                                            ALEXANDRIA F.C.